9 Reasons Why You Should See a Naturopath

why should i see a naturopath

Naturopathy is a holistic system of medicine that uses herbs and nutrients, diet and lifestyle changes to encourage the body’s inherent ability to self-heal. People often ask why should they should see a naturopath. Can they help with my condition? What sort of treatments do they use and how are they different to a GP? 

So why should you see a naturopath? Here are 9 great reasons!

1. Naturopaths treat their clients as individuals and build relationships with them. We all know that feeling of being just another number. A visit with a naturopath wont feel that way. Initial appointments last 1 full hour, and follow-up appointments are usually 30 minutes. So there is plenty of time to talk through all your concerns, ask us questions and tell us about your health history. 

2. Naturopaths are trained health professionals. Many naturopaths complete a 4 year bachelors degree. Additionally, to maintain association and insurance status we undertake extra professional training yearly to keep our skills and knowledge current.

3. Naturopaths understand the role that diet and nutrition play in disease processes. If you suspect your diet is affecting your health but your doctor hasn’t given enough guidance, a naturopath can help. Naturopaths provide tailored recommendations for weight loss, treating specific conditions, identifying food intolerance, or simply optimising the diet for health and vitality.

4. We look for the underlying cause of disease. Pharmaceutical medications often treat only the symptoms which means that the patient often doesn’t get truly better. One of our naturopathic principles is Tolle Causam – identify and treat the cause. In doing so the body returns to its natural state of health and balance.

5. You’ve tried everything your doctor has suggested but you still don’t feel well. There are some instances where conventional medicine has limited treatment options. A naturopath can offer solutions in these cases. There are also some cases where nutritional supplementation may compliment pharmaceutical medications.

6. You’d like an alternative to medications with problematic side effects. A naturopath might be able to help you find natural solutions (lifestyle, diet, herbs or nutrients) to either reduce or end your medications. 

7. Natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe. In some instances combining prescription and natural medicines is contraindicated. Naturopaths  can advise patients on these interactions. Moreover, not all supplements are created equal and just because a substance is classified as ‘natural’ that doesn’t make it safe. Naturopaths can provide advice on general safety and quality of nutritional and herbal products.

8. We focus on disease prevention. Naturopaths educate their patients about diet and lifestyle changes which can help prevent illness.

9. We’re an investment in your health. Making changes to your diet and lifestyle and getting your health on track may just save you money in hospital bills in the future, and we also offer private health insurance rebates.



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