Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Making and consuming bone broth is becoming more and more popular lately, however the act of using bones and off-cuts to make stock is an old tradition. Due to its healing effect on the gut, bone broth features heavily in the GAPS diet created by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Taking care of our gut also has an effect on […]

Easy Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut Yoghurt

I love making this coconut yoghurt. It really is so simple and costs a fraction of the store bought varieties. See the tips at the end to get the best result and happy fermenting! Ingredients 400ml can coconut cream 1tsp gelatine granules 2 probiotic capsules Equipment yoghurt maker saucepan whisk mason jar for storage Method Start by […]

7 Fermented Probiotic Foods for a Healthier Gut

Probiotic foods

Fermented probiotic foods are packed with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are often called the microbiome or friendly bacteria that live in our digestive tract and are essential for nutrient absorption and immune health. Reduced gut bacteria may play a role in irritable bowel syndrome and digestive disorders, skin conditions such as eczema, increased cold and flu, candida overgrowth and autoimmune conditions. Probiotics can be taken […]