Homemade Dukkah

Homemade Dukkah

Dukkah is an Egyptian side dish made with spices, nuts and seeds and is traditionally eaten with bread and olive oil. It’s a really versatile seasoning for sprinkling over everything from eggs and avocado to steamed vegetables. It’s a delicious coating for baked fish and meats and mixes with olive oil to make a salad dressing. […]

Bone Broth

Traditional Chicken Broth

Making and consuming bone broth is becoming more and more popular lately, however the act of using bones and off-cuts to make stock is an old tradition. Due to its healing effect on the gut, bone broth features heavily in the GAPS diet created by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Taking care of our gut also has an effect on […]

Easy Coconut Yoghurt

I love making this coconut yoghurt. It really is so simple and costs a fraction of the store bought varieties. See the tips at the end to get the best result and happy fermenting! Ingredients 400ml can coconut cream 1tsp gelatine granules 2 probiotic capsules Equipment yoghurt maker saucepan whisk mason jar for storage Method Start by […]